Interview with Legendary Drummer Rich Spremich By Pastor David Barberis

An Interview with Legendary Drummer Rich Spremich

By Pastor David Barberis God is the Teacher Magazine Interview  Sun, July 9 2017


Today, Rich Spremich, original drummer and founding member of the 1970’s group Malo, with Abel Zarate, Jorge Santana, Richard Bean, Roy Murray, Luis Gasca, Richard Kermode and Pablo Tellez, garnered international success with the hits “Suavecito” and “Nena” joins us for a telephone one on one interview about the music featured in the new album Flame On released by Prince of Peace Records.

Spremich’ new band Breath, Spirit, & Life, explodes with fire onto the music scene with the release of, “Flame On”, recorded at Velasquez Music Productions in San Antonio, TX.  Flame On is a follow-up to Sword of the Spirit, BSL’s first album nominated for Album of the Year.

“Flame On,” produced by Rich Spremich was engineered, mixed and mastered by 13 Time Grammy Award Winner, Gilbert Velasquez who also featured on guitar.

David Barberis (DB): Rich how and why did you start Breath Spirit & Life?

Richard Spremich (RS): I started BSL as part of a vision God gave me while I was hurt and slowly lost the use of my right leg in 2001 (healed by the Grace of God after 5 years). To have a band to play the original music He has and is giving me with Christ Centered Lyrics and bring back “worshiping” on the instruments or as I call it “let the players play”. God is in the breath of the words and in the worship of the instruments.  To have the songs reflect His word in a way that has deep meaning but easy to understand. Ex. All the devil can do. Is put doubt did God really say. Jesus said “it is written” must learn our rights today. Jesus (word became flesh) had to speak over the words of the Devil then so do we. To use the band as an evangelistic, soul winning, new wine… sign’s and wonders band/ministry. To tell the world to come expecting to see God move.

DB: Besides being a world class drummer, I see that you have written all of the songs on the “Flame On” album. What motivates you when writing? Do you have the need to be in a particular place, or mindset?

RS: I do write all the music then I’m smart enough to surround myself with Great players and producer lol. One of the first song’s I wrote (which will be on the new CD) for example is “Body Heart and Soul” I was experiencing a devastating situation in my life. I went to my quit place to pray and to talk to God (I think I hasonly been saved for a few months). And, as I walked up a little hill or “mountain” I said out Loud. Hello Lord it’s me again, I’ve come before the King of all men. Then I thought why would I say that. then the next verse came to me by the HS. To express my love and my gratitude. Yes, Lord to worship you. I thank the day you came into my life. You gave me your love. Now I see the light, etc. I didn’t know about lights or anything at that point. then came the Hook…     I give you my body, heart and my soul, I will fight the good fight, just tell me where to go. With the father, Sun and Spirit of my soul. I have been saved I love you so… When I wrote “Jesus in the House” I was study Pastor Creflo Dollar sermon on “Speaking it in Jesus name, believing, receiving and thank God until you see. Lord Spoke to me (in a dream this time). Call upon my power, bless my Holy Name, Speak my word’s in faith. You’ll never be the Same. I send the Reign (rain) from heaven. Showering the earth. Speak in my name life comes from my word. My spirit is the Garden; word is the seed. Speak in my name and see my Glory. Talk about Jesus is in the house today.  “For the body is the temple of God” Jesus is in da house. mine yours etc. We just need to activate Him Praise God.

DB: After all of these years how do you keep coming up with new fresh material?

RS: I come up with fresh material because I know my Daddy so well. I have studied for 14 years now and read many books on the movement of the Holy Spirit. Or, the enforcer of the Word.  Or as with a song called “War” to a funk rock beat.  I saw the heaven’s open. White horse coming though. He who sits upon it. Called “Faithful” and True, etc.  from Revelations to the other day I woke up early and this came to me. I woke up this morning Lord, again you were on my mind. My God my King and lover of my soul. I was late your always on time.  I believe it’s going to be the best song ever.

DB: What is the biggest business difference you see in the music business from when you first broke into the industry and today?

RS: The biggest difference between now and back in my Malo days. Bands are not allowed to express themselves musically any more in secular or sadly Christian radio. We should be leading the world in music but we are following and not doing a good job. You don’t hear highly trained musicians anymore, most of the music is “formula” driven, but we are taking the ground back in Jesus name.  The creator is moving through His created (Me) as we pioneer and break though amen.

DB: Describe a day in Rich Spremich’s life?

RS: I wake up most of the time around 5:00 am. I pray in my prayer language.  I declare God’s truth over my family, band, friends and world. One of the greatest things I like to do is say like King David. God told me to say it; then agree with His word. God told me to say; We are blessed and highly favored, God told me to say “By His stripes I am made whole again, etc. Then I ask the Lord to direct me in His “finished work” that go down the roads He has already prepared in the time He has set for it.  Then what ever needs to be done. Finish Songs, Radio, Prince of Peace Records, or Safe Place to Learn. I’m writing new songs for the new project. And I look for people to speak over in Jesus name to be healed so God can show His love to them through me.

DB: The entire album features songs of worship and praise, to whom are they dedicated, and what I your inspiration?

RS: My inspiration is God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit.   My Songs are love songs of the Lord, from the Lord. He is just speaking through me. All my song’s line up with the Word. They are all worship/Praise Songs but again I believe a drum solo is worship. I believe a conga solo by a spirit filled Christian is worship not just guitars, piano or singing. They are for God from God to His people. We play so many styles effectively, Latin Rock, Latin Jazz, Funk, Fusion, big band. We are musicians like King David that when He played the harp with His hand the evil spirit had to depart. We are Spiritual warriors and veterans of Spiritual Wars. I like to say if you learn the lyrics to these songs you are going to be better equipped than hearing a lot of preaching the goes on today.  Acknowledging Jesus but denying His power.

DB: Does Richard Spremich the spiritually gifted artist feel anointed by the Holy Spirit?

RS: Yes, I feel anointed by the Holy spirit that moves through me to do the good work which God prepared in advance for me to do in these end times

DB: It seems that a lot of the artists that were your contemporaries in the Latino genre, have continued playing the same tunes with lasting power, what leads you to continue with the tradition in the genre but with much fresher material?

RS: There is a place in the industry for the bands that keep playing tunes which have enjoyed lasting power, however there is a need for new material that will help this genre reach a new audience.  Breath Spirit & Life with all of our fresh new material that keeps the genre alive will bridge that gap and open the door for other artists that love Latin Rock, Latin Jaz or music with a bump as I like to say.  Think about it, our youth, worldwide is vibing to the global cultural sound of Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Justin Beaver, and others, yet Christian Radio is not bringing them that vibe.  You can’t tell me that no one wants to hear songs that testify with Horns, guitars and percussion.  How could radio programming decision makers ignore this fact.

DB: What is new with BSL musically?

RS: BSL has just released its new project “Flame On” getting great reviews for “Don’t You Cry my Baby Girl and Yeshua (being called the Christian Suavecito lol) I have all the material ready for the next project and will go back to the studio in 6 or 7 months.

DB: Are you single or married, have you any children?

RS: I just got remarried and I have 7 girls and one boy …thank you Jesus

DB: You have been in the business over 40 years now do you have any regrets?

RS:  I regret that I did not know God in the beginning of my career. That’s when He would have gotten me past the sex, drugs and rock and roll life style. I regret not having an earthly father to teach me how to be a man then husband and father. I regret my lifestyle had an impact on other players some of whom died very young. I regret my addiction to cocaine which in the beginning was fun until the devil cashed in his chips and I was hooked. I regret losing my first family as two of my older daughters have not forgiven me or taken into account I have been a new man for over 25 years, but, I am happy that the sword the devil used to slay me and others in Malo is now the Sword of the truth that is and will be benefiting the Kingdome in Jesus’ name

DB: What is your legacy Rich, how do you want fans to remember you?

RS: I want my fans to remember me as a guy who gives it all for the Lord. Malo took me to influencing with the worst of the “rock star” life style which bring death.  BSL bring people not only to accept the Lord Jesus as their Savior but how to walk in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit. Believing in the Law of Faith Mark 11:23 and how to teach to activate it. Gods words bring life and the devils lies bring bondage and death.

DB: I understand you have a teaching project named “A Safe Place to Learn” besides teaching music to the next generation, is there something you would like to share with young upcoming musicians?

RS: A Safe Place to is a vision God gave me for the end times.  Look in the near future for a web site that teach beginners regardless of age or Gender how to learn to play easy, to learn worship songs on guitar, bass, drums and keyboards, and how to connect with the Holy Spirit to worship and expect to see God move in power. God inhabits the Praises of His people.  If that so, then why don’t we see more in Church’s now.

DB: I want to thank you Rich and wish you and the entire band much success in the coming year.

RS: Thanks so much and we would really appreciate all our fans help build such an army that the devil runs for cover just hearing about “Prince of Peace Records” Breath Spirit & Life band (for Ezekiel 37.. If we speak God’s breath and Spirit into anything “the dry bones shall live” or anything that needs life.

By the way support Breath Spirit & Life, the music is available in iTunesAmazon, and all digital music distribution channels, for more information visit Breath Spirit & Life’s website at or call: (408) 607-2621 or (469) 528-0255.

Breath Spirit & Life in appreciation for the great support they received during the benefit concert held in Morgan Hill on November 22nd is offering a free download of their hit song “Fly Like an Eagle” by signing up for their mailing list at

By Pastor David Barberis


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