Breath, Spirit and Life Band played at our Celebrate America event with 30,000 attendees. Their fresh and powerful sound mixed with strong personal stories of changed lives will penetrate into people hearts as they experience the concert. And probably the coolest thing about them is that they are the same off stage as on.

Rick Ryan
Destiny Church, Roseville California
Iglesia Destino



We appreciate you and Breath Spirit and Life for coming out and sharing your wonderful message and music with us.  Our congregation was blessed; we hope to have you with us again sometime in the future.

Thank you,

Pastor Ruben Mendez”

Cornerstone Chuch San Antonio

Former Breath Spirit &Life and member Dan Owens
To Rich and David and the BSL band-
I was listening to “Never Will I Say Goodbye” on my way to work today and I just started weeping uncontrollably in my car. The song struck me and touched me so intensely – It made me so emotional I can’t tell you.

My mom and I were very very close my whole life. She just passed away in August after suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia for the past 6 years.
I have been in so much pain inside trying to get over the loss. My Dad also passed away 18 months ago. He was a professional musician, stand up Bass player, high school choir teacher and church choir director his whole life.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to play in Breath Spirit & Life,
Thank you

In my heart and soul I am dedicating my/our performance of “Never Will I Say Goodbye” to my Mom and Dad
this Sunday


It was our privilege to have Breath, Spirit and Life at Celebrate America 2017. The band has a fresh, new sound and was a hit with our crowd. Every member was professional in their abilities. We look forward to having them back as our guest.  Kent Ferrin, Director, Celebrate America

Kent Ferrin
Executive Pastor, Operations
Destiny Christian Church

Carl Huffaker: Pastor community Bible Church N/W San Antonio
Thank you Rich, and Breath Spirit & Life Band for an awesome night of worship at Community Bible Church Northwest! The original songs were incredible, and Ya’ll sound is refreshing. My Favorites were Yeshua, The devil’s a liar, fall in love again, Tremble, Fly like an eagle… Every son had a special message. Every band member had an obvious anointing and presence of the Holy Spirit on them. This night will not be soon forgotten, and Rich, I hope we can do this again for an outreach sometime! God bless you and everyone that came last night.

Former Breath Spirit Life band member Paul:

Hi Rich, One of my best friends is a Jewish gentleman name Gene, I have known Gene for over twenty year, he was raised in the Hebrew traditions and customs. I told him two weeks ago that I was playing in a new Christen Latin Rock band, and yesterday he came by to say hi and to catch up. He asked me how are things going with the band? I started playing some of our music for him. I felt kind of weird because he is a Hebrew by religion. Your music speaks of Christ the Messiah!!! To my surprise Gene asked if he could have the CD I was playing for Him. He commentated how “tight” the music was, but what really blew me away was the comment “Wow, that music has a lot of power.. “POWER” my Bro. ! This comes from a man raised a Hebrew. With a small little gesture, a POWERFUL statement of music and a testimonial happened right in from of my eyes. He didn’t even pick up on it… I did! I was given the vision and clarity to see and appreciate what just happened ! Word went forth.. Paul”

“Chico Manqueros” Program director KUCR Radio…also commented. Chico wrote. “Wow Rich…I am honored..gracias and God bless you… I will program more of your musica. I received a great Response..

“Greetings Rich, Yeshua sound good… much success with yournew CD.” Jorge Santana – Suavecito, Nena, Malo

“Richard, great Song Yeshual, keep up the good work.” Abel Zarate – co-writer of Suavecito, Nena, Mana on Malo1

“Yeshua; is a gentle, relaxed Latin tune, praising Jesus, with tightly arranged heralding horns, an insistent cowbell beat, allied to a commercial hook-laden lyric and tasty harmony guitar, makes this a light filled poem of spiritual hope.” Jim McCarthy – Author bestselling book: Voices Of Latin Rock.

“Richard …your just amazing!! Not only are you a great drummer, but you’re a great songwriter also. Not many drummers can write songs. You drum, write songs, … and lead the band … but all for God’s glory … simply amazing!! Roy Murray – original horn player of Suavecito & Malo.

“Love Yeshua heard on the LaRevue station Gosando with Chico and it’s a great song, hope to hear more continue to be a blessing to others, and thanks much Blessings to you. Lucy Decasas

“THANK YOU so much Rich for all that you do to bring and steer the lost toward our Lord and Savior. Thank you also for your music and for writing to me. Please know that I really appreciate that a lot and that I would appreciate staying in touch with you, Blessings. Mario”

Mark Palazzolo
Rich, thanks for influencing Dad to the point of claiming healing victory, he was at the Morgan Hill concert this past Sunday November 22nd. We went to a doctor’s appointment a few days later and the doctor advised him that the numbers for the cancer are still stable but the kidney needs to improve. Dad told the doctor that after hearing the song “the Devil’s A Liar” a few days prior he believes that yes the devil is a liar and that he will be healed by the power of God. Mark Palazzolo BSL Band member

Breath Spirit Life Band
Rich and BSL Band, brother you are one class act, the music you guys are making not only is pleasing to my ears buy bring such a powerful message. Keep up the great work in His glory always. God bless you guys always. Pastor David Barberis

Pastor Roland Gloria: Facebook
“Being asked about How Breath Spirit & life concert went on 7/27 “it was our best event ever, the band was incredible and the room was so packed it was hot in the church. i had the ac cranked down to 69 but it was still cooking. it reminded me of vintage catacombs”. Pastor Roland Gloria/Hard Rock Church. San Antonio Texas”

Abel Zarate founding member of Malo.co writer of Suavecito, Pena , Nena for Malo, Facebook
“Abel Zarate: Rich Great song. I really like it? Good luck ”

Chico Manqueros
“Chico Manqueros also commented on his post. Chico wrote: “Wow Rich…I am honored…gracias. God Bless you ….I will program more of your musica. I received a great response.”
Chico is the first to play “Yeshua”.. and dropped in to tell me how his audiance is responding to Breath Spirit & life bands new single Yeshua”

Leonel and Sarah
“God is Good. And so is your music. Just looking over Never Gonna say Goodbye. Again – phenomenal. This music just makes us feel better. It makes us feel strong and helps take away the pressures of this society. Keeps you believing. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for your patience, grace, and words. Our Best, Leonel and Sarah”

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