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Based out of Roseville, California, Breath Spirit & Life (BSL), is a multi-genre, faith-based band, with musicianship to inspire and bring a new sound to audiences worldwide.
Rich Spremich, the founder/songwriter has combined his love for Rock, Latin Rock, Funk and Jazz influences to bring a variety of powerful, uplifting, original songs.
Breath Spirit & Life is full of energy, delivering a blend of different cultural and musical facets.
There are dynamics and melodies that recall some of the great sounds of the past; Earth, Wind, and Fire, Chicago, Santana, to name of few…but with messages and hooks that make each track transcendent.  “My Hearts cry”, “Don’t you cry my baby girl”, “Hello Lord”, “Hey Everybody”, and “When I close my eyes” feature melodies, lyrics, riffs, and instrumental expressions that will captivate listeners.
 Rich Spremich, launched Breath, Spirit and Life in 2010. He is one of the founding members/drummer  of the 70’s group Malo, along with Jorge Santana and had renown success with “Suavecito” and “Nena,”. Rich enjoyed the rock and roll life style until he went thru a crisis that led him to the Lord. For the last 20 years he has been writing faith based songs where he brings his talent and experience as a platform to share evangelistic music to a world in need. The previous album “Flame On” had success playing on radio stations in the US and across Europe, England, Russia, France, and Israel. Look for the new album “Heart’s Cry”, to be released January 2019.

Don’t You Cry My Baby Girl

My Hearts Cry

Hey Everybody

When I Close My Eyes

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